Draper prison to drop diagnostic center

Utah prison officials narrowly avoided handing hundreds of inmates a fast route to freedom amid this year's massive budget cuts. Instead, they're saving $420,000 by dumping a long-time Diagnostic Center.
Judges traditionally have sent defendants to the facility so experts could determine whether they pose a threat and should be kept in prison, instead of a jail or probation term.
The center, based at the Draper prison, held between 40 and 70 defendants for one to two months, said Corrections spokeswoman Angie Welling. Seventy percent eventually were placed on probation, she said.
Now, judges likely will rely more heavily on pre-sentencing reports written by probation and parole officers, who review alternatives to prison and make recommendations. More... Prisoner Pen Pals - Discount Cigarettes - Discount Magazine Subscriptions for Prisoners