Gregg County Jail's drug policy explained

LONGVIEW (KYTX) -- A Methadone user died Monday while in custody at the Gregg County Jail, just six months after another inmate died after being refused the medication.

30-year-old Micah Garner's death is raising new questions about the county's drug policies.

Individual counties have the right to decide which medications are allowed inside their jails and counties around East Texas are handling that decision differently.

The Gregg County Sheriff's Department gave CBS 19 a copy of their drug policies. Medical workers inside the Gregg County Jail have two lists they're working from.

One of them lists drugs that can be administered to inmates. It includes things like allergy and cholesterol medications, even HIV treatments.

The other one contains 26 drugs banned from the jail. It's made up mostly of narcotics and other prescription drugs with the potential to affect an inmate's mood and motor skills.  More

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