Texas, Georgia set to execute two men for killings

Texas and Georgia are each scheduled to execute a man by lethal injection on Wednesday, one for killing three family members and another for fatally shooting a store clerk in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks. 

The men would be the 28th and 29th inmates put to death in the United States this year.

The execution of Mark Stroman, 41, in Texas is set to be carried out over the protests of a man he shot but who survived.

Stroman admitted to a series of shootings near Dallas between September 15 and October 4, 2001 that left two men dead and nearly killed a third.

He thought all of the men were of Middle Eastern descent and viewed the attacks as "patriotic" in defense of a country that hadn't done enough to protect itself from terrorism, according to a report by the Texas Attorney General's Office.  More   PrisonerPal.com   True Crime Today  Magazine Subscriptions for Prisoners since 1975