Online shopping for Russian jailbirds

Not long after it was announced that some of Russia’s prisons had been fitted with sun-tan studios, more news of life behind bars has emerged.

And it appears that cons can indulge in a spot of retail therapy as they repay their debt to society.

An online store has been created – but for the moment it’s only available to relatives of people in custody.

And it’s far from the likes of Amazon or eBay, with a strictly limited choice of goods on sale.

Family facility

The service is potentially a boon for families who are far from the prisons of their loved ones. With little scope to visit and bring a few little luxuries from back home, they can log on to the Federal Prison Service website and order what they would like to send.

Moscow prison chief Viktor Dezhurov told Itar-Tass they were already processing about 180 orders a day.  More...   PrisonerPal.com