George Zimmerman to stay in jail while judge decides whether to grant bail again

The accused killer of Trayvon Martin was back behind bars Friday after making his case for freedom.

Lawyers for neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman appealed Friday for his release on bond, only to have a Florida judge declare that he needed more time to make a decision.

Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester, who revoked Zimmerman’s $150,000 bond earlier this month, gave no clue as to when his ruling might come down.

Zimmerman was jailed after prosecutors claimed that he and his wife lied to the court about their finances by failing to mention $135,000 in donations for his legal defense fund.

Zimmerman did not testify at Friday’s hearing, although the defense produced a financial forensic specialist to show that the couple did not try to hide any money.

“It is not the grand conspiracy the state seems to suggest,” said defense lawyer Mark O’Mara.
But prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda noted that much of the money donated to a PayPal account was shuffled between Zimmerman family bank accounts.

“It was done to hide the money so they could deceive the court, lie to the court,” he said. “Mrs. Zimmerman lied to the court and this defendant just sat there and let it happen.”

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting the unarmed 17-year-old inside a gated Florida community on Feb. 26. The suspect pleaded not guilty, insisting he shot Martin in self-defense.  More

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