Jail cleared in inmate hanging

The State Attorney’s Office has reviewed a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report and determined there were no criminal violations in the death of a 37-year-old Marion County Jail inmate who hung himself inside his cell.

Assistant State Attorney Bill Gladson said his agency’s role was only to determine “whether there are any criminal law violations.”

Gladson said the facts were “straight forward.” A security video clearly shows that on May 7, Frederick Charles Kimball entered C Pod and went to his cell, located in section D, room 129.

Not long after Kimball entered the cell, the video shows movement. But from the time he entered until corrections officers arrived and discovered him, “no other inmates or guards had contact with Kimball,” according to a report.

The video, Gladson wrote, shows Kimball opened the cell door, placed a sheet with a knot over the top, and then immediately closed the door. Several minutes later, other inmates in the area are seen trying to get the guards’ attention.

Corrections officers attempted to remove the ligature around Kimball’s neck and perform CPR. He remained unresponsive and was later pronounced deceased at Munroe Regional Medical Center.  More

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